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Vienna Sausage

Vienna is Austria’s capital city. It is famous around the world for its delicious and unique food. One example of these may be the Wiener Würstel or Vienna sausage. It is a slim sausage made after Frankfurter from Germany. Usually whenever people think about Wiener, they affiliate it with the sausages. This specific sausage is known as Viennese in different regions of Europe. In some countries and Austria, though, it is called the Frankfurter. The sausage may refer to just about any smoked or smoked pre-cooked purchased fresh from the delicatessens, supermarkets or butcher shops. As much as flavour is involved, the Vienna sausage is very comparable to the Frankfurter and  US hot dog even though it is only thinner and longer. Its outer shell can also be light and it is eatable.   This particular scrumptious sausage began to …Read More

2013 Vienna New Year Fireworks and Celebration

People who spends New Years eve in Vienna know what spirit the city has to offer to everyone. More romantic than Paris, the more lights than New York and better people than anywhere around the world are just one of the things that keep the town  spirit happy and friendly. Today we will try to pass the New Year’s eve celebration atmosphere and beautiful pictures of 2013 Vienna New Year Fireworks show around the town. You will be able to see the Prater Fireworks, the Danube river fireworks and panorama shoots of fireworks across the town. Enjoy…

How to Avoid Tourist Traps in Vienna

Vienna does not have a lot of tourist trap just like other European urban centres like Riga, Prague and Rome. Entry fees for the majority of galleries and museums are acceptable and student discount rates are available all over the place when you have a student ID card. Usually there are some safety measures that need to be taken as in every other big city; however in general, Vienna is quite safe. Having a wide selection of galleries and museums, including the strange (Museum of globes) towards the weird (Museum of contraception), many of them are hit and miss, obviously. Even so, there’s something that you need to stay away from when visiting Vienna capital. There are 3 things I regret I did once I’ve been to Vienna:

Top 5 Museums in Vienna

Vienna, the capital city of Austria possesses such a distinct historical past such as the time of the Baroque movements and Napoleonic wars and so forth. There are many museums located in Vienna. When in this city these 5 museums need to be on the travel schedule: Liechtenstein Museum The Liechtenstein Museum has made its title from the House of Liechtenstein, which is certainly one of Europe’s earliest respectable families. This museum possesses a substantial assortment of works of art of the Renaissance and of the Baroque which includes artwork by, Rembrandt, Rubens and van Dyck. The huge assortment of paintings, sculptures, furniture, porcelain and tapestries together with the stunning architecture of the Liechtenstein Palace is utterly amazing to enjoy. Schatzkammer The Schatzkammer might be viewed as one of the best treasuries on the planet. It’s been split into 2 …Read More

Vienna: The City of Culture and Attractions

Vienna is the capital of Austria. Being highly cultural, the city has obtained an innovative outlook in the last couple of years which makes it one of the most preferred attractions in Europe. The city that was once referred to as “meeting point” for people is now a popular get-away place. Schloss Schonbrunn Vienna has been a cultural city and its attractions carry testimony for this truth. The very best illustration of this is the Schloss Schonbrunn which has been the royal summer palace. This palace is probably the most visited places in Vienna and is completely spectacular regarding its design elegance. This huge structure consists of about a 1400 rooms. Just forty of those rooms are available to the public and it may take half a day in order to complete touring the whole palace. Many enjoy the panoramic …Read More

What to Know Before Traveling to Vienna

Vienna is a big city, a capital of Austria and is a significant econimic, cultural and political center. It was a significant trading place for the Celts once the Romans got into the town around 15 BC. The city has been dynamic and young and renowned for its music, countless street entertainers, and an exciting club scene along with its UNESCO world heritage places. Viennna is likewise recognized for its coffee culture and a many cafes are around the city. Hofburg Palace, Museums, cathedrals like St. Stephen’s Cathedral are among the outlined locations to be seen in the area. Ball Season, is important attend festivity for the tourists visiting the city in the carnival period. The great elegant places of Vienna like the   City Hallor the Hofburg, offers such Balls. The ImpulsTanz festivity additionally hosts a few of the modern …Read More

Vienna: The Capital of Culture

Vienna is much more than just the capital city of Austria – it is also the nation’s cultural center, presenting many of Europe’s best classical music and art. Tourists staying in Vienna hotels may find themselves in the existence of memories of those historic greats like Mozart and Beethoven, who both called the  surrounds of the city their house. Historical past However, great historical past is available in more than recollection in Vienna, with all the stunning structures keeping the city’s interesting traditions between its historic walls. The Imperial Palace, Hofburg sits as being a homage for the once strong Habsburg empire yet still is part of the grandiose place of the Austria’s Presidency. Nowdays, the great architectural success is split into parts and is the place to find numerous historic museums like the Museum of Fine Arts and the …Read More